Braze welding for mass production

Braze welding is a process that allows the joining of metallic parts using filler alloys with a melting point higher than that of the alloys used for hard brazing, but still lower than that of the parts to be welded.

After being heated to a suitable temperature, the added material joins to the base material by diffusion, without dissolving it and without changes in the parts’ profile.

The melting point of the alloys usually used for braze welding is relatively high: for steel 800/950 °C; for cast iron, 650/800 °C; and for copper and bronzes, 850/950 °C. 

Metal is added to the joint and in the welding, without capillary action.

The processes of braze welding and welding are studied according to customer’s specifications and are calibrated according to Beccalossi Mario’s many years of experience. All processes are examined by our internal logistics department to allow the maximum automation of operations. Sample analysis is structured according to both the difficulty of processing and the tolerances specified in the order’s study phase.