About Us

Study of the product and "turnkey" customer service.

Today, using advanced machinery and equipment, Beccalossi Mario is able to carry out high-tech production at very low prices, with punctuality and precision. When necessary, Beccalossi Mario supports the client in the product study phase. In fact, the company prides itself on making its customer service turnkey.

The company studies and designs molds and equipment for the production of components, and it follows their manufacturing until the production phase.

Beccalossi Mario’s objective is to be the only contact for the customer’s product throughout the development and production cycle, even if parts of the supply are made by others (for example, surface treatments, thermal treatments, bendings or pipe work).

Our customers, with whom we have established over the years a collaborative relationship of mutual satisfaction, work in many national and international sectors, such as: automotive, fittings and valves, heating, refrigeration, medical, plant engineering, lighting, taps and fittings, pellet stoves, civil gas/water plants, household and food equipment.